Maternity Photography in Perth

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Maternity Photography in Perth

You’re counting down the days until your little one arrives! Depending on how you feel at this stage of your pregnancy, you may be unsure about whether you want to invest time and money into professional maternity photos. Maybe you’re self-conscious about the way your body looks or maybe you’re just not sure about the cost of a photo session. While it’s most important to make a decision that’s right for you and your personal needs, there are many reasons why maternity photos are definitely worth the investment and are a choice you won’t regret.

Maternity photography in Perth is a beautiful way to show off Abby's pregnancy in a mustard colour gown at sunset

1. Capture the Anticipation & Joy

No matter how you’re feeling, the anticipation of baby’s arrival is thrilling. In the weeks and months that follow your baby’s arrival you will forget what is was like to be pregnant. Your maternity Photography will serve as a beautiful reminder of those butterflies you experienced and the precious life you and your partner created.

Lesmurdie falls provides the perfect backdrop for a maternity shoot.

2. Bond with your Partner

This is such a beautiful moment, there is nothing more special than celebrating this unique and profound change in your lives. And this is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time focused only on the two of you before your lives change forever.

3. A Great Excuse to Get all Dressed Up

Let’s face it, most of us feel awful whilst pregnant, but putting on some make up and getting our hair done can make us feel like a million dollars. The added bonus of having your maternity Photography with a professional photographer is that they usually supply a maternity wardrobe – perfect for changing bodies, So you don’t need to rush out and spend a fortune on a dress you’ll never wear again.

maternity photography in Perth has many locations to choose from. This shoot was at Lesmurdie Falls.

4. Celebrate your Family Journey

A maternity photo session allows you to focus on the new life your body is working so hard to create, instead of the way you look. You are creating your family legacy! And trust me Mama – you are amazing!! Including your partner and other children makes this a time to celebrate and remember and cherish as your family grows.

5. Images Worth Displaying

Imagine having images on your walls from every stage in your family’s growth—from marriage to your first child all the way down to when you become grandparents. Maternity photos capture a moment in time that’s just as important as your wedding day. You’re welcoming a new child into your lives and your home—that’s huge! It’s definitely a moment that deserves professional photography, just like your wedding day.

For newborn sessions, please be sure to contact me while you are pregnant. Maternity sessions take place between 33-36 weeks. Newborn sessions take place when your baby is 9-21 days old. There are a limited number of sessions each month so please contact me as soon as your can to reserve you date and session time. If you would like to find out more – book a coffee date so we can chat about your unique situation.

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