Liz and ash dance in the sunset on their wedding day. They chose an affordable wedding package from Channon Williamson


This is probably one of the most important decisions you will need to make about your wedding. These will be the special memories you keep of your day to look back on in years to come. It’s important to find a professional wedding photographer who has the knowledge and experience to deal with different lighting, different personalities and who can document emotion and pose well so you don’t feel awkward.

You will also want to think about choosing your photographer based on their style so go ahead and make sure their portfolio is representative of what you have in mind. Remembering fads come and go but timeless, good quality never fades. When it comes to choosing your wedding photography package you may only want a few important moments of the day covered or you may want the whole day covered in detail.

Different wedding photography packages in Perth

Many wedding photography packages don’t include digital files, and you will need to pay extra for these. Other packages only include digital files and prints and albums are purchased separately. Make sure you understand from the outset what is included so you don’t feel ripped off. Wedding photography packages can vary substantially based on experience, products offered and number of hours included in the coverage.

Channon Williamson Photography offers all inclusive digital wedding photography packages based on the number of hours you need covered, so there’s no need to have a photographer hanging around when they are not needed. CLICK HERE TO VIEW PACKAGES

What parts of your day are most Important to you?

Getting Ready and Detail Shots

Perth wedding photography bridal preparation

These are really special photos, because sometimes in the flurry and stress of make-up and getting ready you forget to enjoy your moments, your photographer can capture all the fun and silliness, the details of your dress and shoes and your cute flower girls (if you have some). It’s a great time to have a few portraits with your bridesmaids or special person like your mum helping you to get ready. If your budget allows your photographer can arrange to have a second shooter capture the groomsmen getting ready – these can be super fun and help tell your whole wedding day story.

Ceremony Shots

Here your photographer will usually take a few detail shots of the venue, the groomsmen waiting for you, your guests arriving and any floral arrangements. The Bride arriving and walking down the aisle – the Grooms reaction and exchange of rings, the kiss and signing of the legal documents.

Bride and groom holding hands walking down the aisle after their vows

The More “Formal” Portraits

This is where it’s a really good idea to have a specific ”shot list” with a well organised, and designated helper from your guests to rally the troops as they are required. A good wedding photographer should be able to get these done for you quickly whilst still posing to make everyone look and feel comfortable. Depending on the personality of the bride and groom these can be more formal and serious or fun and creative.

At this stage, your photographer may request a bit of time for just the bridal party so you can get some intimate shots of the two of you alone and with your bridal party. It’s a good idea to do these a little way from your guests so you don’t feel like you are on show and the two of you can just relax and enjoy being married for the first time. We recommend 30 – 50 minutes for these depending on the size of your bridal party.

bridal party in dramatic black dresses and white suits

This Photo was taken at BALDIVIS FARM STAY