Jas and Dillon chose affordable wedding photography for their wedding portraits

Cheap Wedding Photography

When you are only needing a photographer for a limited time. Channon Williamson Photography offers easy DIGITAL PACKAGES from1 – 5 hours of coverage depending on your needs.

For some, the ideal wedding day is a grandiose affair with hundreds of guests, glitz, glam and lavish venues. But for others, it’s a more intimate affair. Small weddings, with only your nearest and dearest present to witness and celebrate with you. These are becoming an ever more popular choice, with many couples simply choosing elopement, with just the two of them present.

Affordable wedding photography using the Perth city buildings as a backdrop for Mikyla and Sam's wedding portraits
Affordable wedding photography

Elopement Photography Perth

An elopement or an intimate wedding? In actual fact, the definition doesn’t really matter. And the line can get a bit blurred here.

For us, an elopement is a wedding with between 2 and 20 guests. Did you know, you actually need two guests at any Australian wedding for the wedding to be legal. An intimate wedding is a wedding of less than 50 guests.

Wikipedia refers to elopements as “a marriage conducted in a sudden or secretive fashion… involving a hurried flight away… to run away and to not come back…”


“To run away secretly with the intention of getting married usually without parental consent”

In times gone by, if you had eloped it was frowned upon and held a certain amount of shame. People would whisper and shake their heads.

But in the Modern world an elopement is to get married with no guests or just a small number of guests, in a beautiful location, where the ceremony is short and the day is about the two of you. Maybe a simple dress and a small bouquet of flowers is all that is needed.

The Benefits of Having a Small or Micro Wedding

It’s Kinder on Your Wedding Budget

Many intimate weddings take place mid-week, and this opens a variety of venues that you may not have considered our may have been out of your budget.  These offer a great deal on a small wedding. Or you could simply have a small beach wedding, a registry wedding, something stylish at Hyde Park under the ancient figs.  Perhaps a friends beautiful back yard or local bush retreat. Less costly venues mean that you can put your budget towards quality rather than quantity. Just because it’s not a big wedding doesn’t mean it has to be less beautiful. You can splurge a bit more on florals and food and by using affordable wedding photography

It’s less….. Complicated!

With fewer logistics to consider – you can spend your energy on enjoying your day rather than stressing about where Uncle Jo has been seated and if the food will be hot and if you’ve catered to every dietary whim or if you’ve upset your bff from school (who you haven’t seen for 10 years) because she wasn’t invited. You can keep things sweet and simple and still stylish.

It’s ….… More Intimate!

You get to savour the love and company of those you cherish the most. A day of togetherness where the vibes will be deeply personal and special. Wedding photography for small weddings could well make this a day that neither you nor your guests could ever forget.  No drama needed.

Affordable Wedding Photography ….For how you want to remember your day….

This is probably one of the most important decisions you will need to make about your wedding. These will be the special memories you keep of your day to look back on in years to come. It’s important to find a professional affordable wedding photographer who has the knowledge and experience to deal with different lighting, different personalities and who can document emotion and pose well so you don’t feel awkward. You also want to think about choosing your photographer based on their style so go ahead and make sure their portfolio is representative of what you have in mind. Remembering fads come and go but timeless, good quality never fades.