5 Tips for a Successful Family Photography Session

Family Photography session at Lesmurdie Falls in Perth

Do you love your family more than the moon and the stars and all the planets in the world?

If your family means the world to you then one of the very best ways of preserving all the little cherished moments is with Professional family photography. Not a disc that you throw in the draw or share on Facebook for 5 seconds. But exquisite family portraits that you can hang on the walls and enjoy for generations to come.

Did you know that hanging your family portraits around your home is not only for your enjoyment but it also boosts your children’s self-esteem, and gives them a deep sense of belonging. By displaying your family photography prominently in your home, it sends the important message to your children that you value and honour the memories you have made and experienced as a family.

5 Tips for a Successful Family Photography Session

1. Beautiful light
Lesmurdie falls makes the perfect location for family photography in Perth

The magic ingredient to any session, besides the beautiful family of course, is golden light or good studio light. There is nothing more flattering than masterfully used light. A photographer who understands light will create flattering, timeless portraits; and who doesn’t want to look good in their family photographs?

Channon always recommends scheduling your family photography for sunset as this gives a soft and warm feeling to your photos. If weather doesn’t permit, a good option is a studio family session. These can be so much fun and your photographer will have complete control over the light. Avoid harsh midday sun and dappled light. Studio sessions are best for newborn sessions and you can schedule them around nap times. Whether you choose natural light or studio will depend on your family’s style.

2. Location, Location, Location!
Generational Sunset family photography in Darlington. Grandparents with their grandchildren

If you choose natural light then he outdoor setting you choose for your family photography is everything! This may depend on your personality or preference, or there is a location that is meaningful or special to your family. As a family photographer based in the Perth hills, Channon’s favourite location is the natural bush. However, if you prefer the beach, Perth has so many beautiful beaches you will be spoiled for choice. Channon knows all the good spots for family photos. Channon’s magical use of nature and golden light as a backdrop is what she has become known for, with families from Karratha to Albany seeking out her services.

3. Well Prepped Kids
Portriat of a little boy sitting on a yellow blanket for a family photography session in Glen Forest

Every parent’s worst nightmare is that their kids won’t behave for their family photography session. Channon’s advice is to plan your outfits a week or 2 in advance, make sure their clothes fit well and they have comfortable shoes. Then, on the day of your session, try to relax or they will feel your tension. Try to keep their routine as normal as possible and feed them healthy filling food for lunch and give them a good healthy afternoon snack. If they need naps try and let that happen at home, not in the car.

Dress them and then tell them you’re going on an outing and you’ll be having fun! Don’t tell them they have to behave, your photographer will all sorts of tricks to get them involved. Most of all, have fun with your children. Interact, cuddle and play games as your photographer guides you. Don’t try and instruct your children during the session, leave this up to your experienced family photographer! Children have melt downs, it’s okay! Your photographer will take a break so you can comfort and settle your children. Children are also wild and that’s okay too. Channon only needs a few moments to capture a smile, or a downturned eye. Her focus is on natural, not cheesy grins.

4. Wear Comfortable Well Co-Ordinated Clothes
A couple posing at the family photography session at Rockingham salt flats. They are wearing well co-ordinated neutral outfits.

The first question every Mum asks after booking their session is, “What should we wear?”

First and foremost, you need to feel like yourself and be comfortable. For example, if you never wear linen, your family photo session is not the time to try it, you’ll find it doesn’t fit well, isn’t flattering and you’ll find yourself tugging at the fabric. Equally if you enjoy wearing a well put together outfit, wear a stunning dress with accessories. But, if you’re normally a jeans and T kind of person, then wear a nice pair of jeans with a really nice fashion T or top. There’s no need to rush out and buy expensive outfits. However, a well co-ordinated family will be timeless when printed and displayed on your wall. So put all your effort into making sure you choose a classic colour scheme. Ensure everyone’s clothes are clean, ironed and are free of stains.

There are a few things to avoid: Neon colours are a big NO! Heavy patterns, thin stripes and logos detract from your family photos and again can look garish on your wall, so definitely avoid those. Channon suggests choosing Mum’s outfit first and then building around that. Neutrals will always look great and won’t date. Your photographer should be able to help and guide you.

Find more ideas about to wear: HERE

5. Make sure you love the style of the Perth Family Photographer you choose!!

Every photographer has a distinct style and you should look through lots of their work to make sure you love it. If you love a Boho vibe, then a photographer who specialises in classic, timeless pictures, may not suit you and visa versa. If you love a photographer for a certain style, another photographer may not be able to emulate that for you. Your family photographer will guide you according to what gets the results you see in her portfolio.

And remember, sometimes what’s in fashion looks dated on your wall very quickly.

Perth Family Photographer Channon Williamson has a rare gift for capturing timeless, magical family photography. With lots of silliness, laughter, chaos and fun, she draws out each little or big personality, capturing candid moments as well as more traditional formal portraits. From small family groups to extended families, she loves documenting all the beautiful connections and family dynamics. Imagine one day when grandma has left the world, what a wonderful tangible memory a framed print will be for your children? If you would love natural, timeless family portraits then contact Channon for a free consultation. She will guide you every step of the way.