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Perth Newborn Photographer

Welcome, & Thank you for stopping by!

Located in Kalamunda, Perth, Channon has a spacious studio in the heart of Kalamunda village

Channon offers unique studio newborn photography  with a focus on contemporary posing and styling



As soon as you are interested in booking a session, shoot me an email or give me a call

We will discuss all the specifics of what you are looking for with your newborn photo session

I recommend having your newborn photographed between the 9 and 21 day mark  This is when you can capture those newborn moments and poses at their best. It is also when they are at their most sleepy and squishy.

Pre-booking during your second trimester guarantees your newborn session, I pencil your due date into my calendar and we firm things up once bub arrives safely. I only schedule newborn sessions on weekday mornings

Once your baby is born, it is important that you contact the Studio within the first 48 hours to finalise your session date and time

Contact me now to secure your date





Once you’re booked in for your newborn photography session you will receive a detailed guide on how to prepare for your session and what to bring, so you can arrive feeling relaxed and knowing what to expect

Newborn sessions generally last between 2-3 hours, it’s a time to sit back and relax, I will do all the hard work

We will always follow the lead of your little one as is so important in those early days. When it’s feeding time, we pause for feeds; if baby is unsettled we cuddle and soothe. Nap time makes for beautiful sleepy photos

The studio is cozy and comfortable and filled with the finest props, wraps and blankets for you to choose from

I create a range of photographs including family, sibling and baby photos for you to choose from usually between 30 and 40 final images are presented

All sessions are led by the baby on the day and guided by your colour and prop choices

I spend approximately an hour before your session setting up around 5 – 7 different prop options for you to choose from and aim to include at least 5 of them in your show, again the baby often decides for you

If you have younger siblings, we include 2 – 3 options for you depending on the age of the sibling and the safety of the shot

Family photos generally include 3 – 4 options

You can then choose blankets for the more natural, “nakie” posed photos and for these we aim to do 3 – 4 poses

There are usually around 20 – 30 unique photos for you to choose from. The final number depends on if siblings are involved, if siblings are co-operative on the day and also the fussiness of the baby sometimes determines the final number

More fussy babies tend to prefer being wrapped


Approximately 1-2 weeks after your session, I will make an appointment to come to your home so we can go through your images together and you can make your Product and image selections



Serving Perth, Western Australia

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