My Newborn style of photography can be described as timeless elegant and simple with a touch of earthiness. I always include the use of Newborn Photography Props  such as buckets, baskets and little beds. However, they are carefully sourced to reflect my style and to be safe for baby. I love how props add variety to your newborn gallery.

Many of props allow baby to be upright, and this assists us for when baby is feeling gassy and doesn’t like laying on their back or belly.  

Before a newborn session I have parents choose their favourite images from my Instagram page and they let me know their colour preferences so that I can plan and have all the props ready for when they arrive. I do warn parents though that not every baby can pose the same and some simply do not like certain poses and if that is the case we can use an alternative prop or pose.

Newborn Photographer places a baby in a bowl prop with cream fluff. The baby lays sweetly on her back

An important note about Newborn Photography Props and Safety

One of the most important aspects of newborn photography is safety and particularly when it comes to using props. Working within reaching distance of baby is imperative so a hand can always reach them if they move suddenly. Some shots require assistance and parents can lend a helping hand. And NEVER, EVER suspend baby from anything. These types of shots are created using composite images in photoshop! Many parents are surprised to learn this is the case when I take the image to be composited on a flat safe surface.

I always ensure buckets are correctly weighted and have no sharp pieces that can harm baby. Props should also be the right size for a baby. Oversize props can make the baby look they are drowning and props that are too small can injure baby. There are also certain items that baby should NEVER EVER be placed in or with. These include any glass items including mirrors, strings of lights and anything hanging.

So with that in mind here is a list of my favourite Newborn Photography Props.

The Wooden Heart Bowl

This is an absolute classic that I use in almost every session and is my most requested prop from parents.

This prop can be accessorized in so many different ways using different colours, layers and textures. It is also perfect for twins. You can have baby swaddled or posed in a cute onesie. My heart bowl is from The Original Photoblocks PROPS and is the perfect size for a newborn.

Little Bed Props

Another classic and favourite for posing your newborn. These props can come in a variety of styles and colours but should be the right size for a newborn. If the prop is too big or small it can make baby look awkward. Beds are perfect for swaddled or nakie shots. It’s also a great prop for including younger siblings that can’t hold baby safely yet. These can also be done as composite images.

My favourite vendor for bed props is once again The Original Photoblocks PROPS.

Baskets, Buckets & Wooden Boxes

I love the simplicity and variety that baskets give and wooden boxes give that warm, earthy vibe that I adore. It is important to weight these if necessary, especially if the prop is light and deep. A baby’s head is the heaviest part of him/her and a weight underneath will help prevent the prop form becoming top heavy and toppling over once baby is placed inside. I ensure the prop is properly stuffed and supportive using layers of fluff and my favourite posing pillows.

Another versatile prop is the bucket. Baby can be posed swaddled and upright in these props or they can be posed in a more forward-facing pose. This is one of the most technically difficult poses and should only be attempted by a professional with lots of experience. It is also the pose some babies don’t like. Baby needs to be very sleepy and relaxed for this pose and it does sometimes require the assistance of mum or dad. It is also a good idea to have a spotter (an assistant like mum or dad) to stand close by in case baby pushes out. It’s a great pose to use for compositing younger siblings too.

Fur, Felt and Wool Layers

Sometimes simple is best. I love the soft textural element furs and wools provide against the softness of your baby. I like to keep colours neutral and in the same tonal range to give a classic, timeless look. My favourite layer vendor is Cwitchi Coo

Bonnets & Headbands & Wraps

These add so much elegance to your newborn images especially if they are chosen for their softness and are the right size for newborns. They provide the cute factor and variety in your gallery. I look for natural fabrics, stretch and comfort for the baby. I have hundreds of choices in the studio.

Teddies & Toys

Heart melting images can be created using a simple but very cute soft teddy or stuffed toy, but they need to be tiny. Oversized stuffed animals can make baby look swamped. Our focus is baby not the toy.

newborn photography tiny teddy prop

Plants & Flowers

In keeping with the earthy vibe, I absolutely love using fresh flowers and foliage when creating your newborn photos. From native gum leaves to Olive branches and beautiful fresh, roses and lavender. I feel these add a special touch to your gallery if used thoughtfully.


The nest is such a strong metaphor for new life and can be a beautiful way to add foliage and variety to a gallery. I usually pose baby separately using the same base layer as I plan to use in the nest.  This way I can add baby to the nest shot in Photoshop. As these shots can be time consuming to set up and can also be quite messy. I prefer baby to be posed on their back and curled up for these types of shots.

Unique Props That Represent the Family

I love when families ask me to incorporate something unique to them into their photos. I have created many special images for families over the years using ideas about fertility, dad’s or mum’s occupation, loss and triumph to tell the special stories and journeys they have gone through.

Newborn Photography by Channon Williamson, uses the story of fertility treatment to create a stunning newborn portrait, incorporating all the needles used to fall pregnant

Mummy and Daddy’s Arms

Who says props have to be objects? Including mum and dad  gives an idea of how tiny baby is  and a deep sense of connection, while still focusing more on the baby . Using only dad’s or mum’s hands in the image can also help with a fussy baby who likes to be held.

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