Perth Newborn Twin Photographer

perth newborn twin photographer poses twin boys in a round basket. Snuggly wrapped in navy wraps
perth newborn twin photographer poses twin babies in a cream fluffy blanket

Welcoming twins into your family is an incredibly special experience. As a Perth Newborn Twin Photographer, photographing newborn twins also presents unique and rewarding experience for me and definitely has it’s challenges because as you can imagine, getting 2 babies to sleep and feed at the same time is hard!

  1. So I start with a Plan

Before the shoot I will discuss with the parents what kind of photos they want and come up with a schedule that works for everyone. Newborn twins can be a handful, so I try to make the session as relaxed as possible. Sometimes this means going with the flow. I love to keep twins wrapped as it makes transitioning from one pose/prop to another much easier and smoother.

Sleepy newborn twins wearing cream wraps and bonnets placed together in a small wooden bed.
A little boy grins with his newborn twin sisters
  1. Keep Them Close

Twins often feel more comfortable when they are close to each other, so I like having the twins snuggled up to each other in a basket or on a blanket.

Perth Newborn Twin Photographer captures Elizabeth and Laelie snuggling on a fluffy green rug
Newborn Twins Snuggling
Newborn Twins posed with one laying on top of the other in a relaxed and sleepy way, covered in a purple blanket
  1. Get Individual Shots

While it’s important to capture images of the twins together,I also like to get individual shots of each baby. This will give the parents a variety of images to choose from and it will allow me to showcase each baby’s unique personality and features. If twins are identical I use different wrap colours to identify them.

  1. Use Props

Props can add a lot of interest and variety to your photos. I love using simple hats, headbands, wraps, and blankets to create different looks for the babies. As a Perth Newborn Twin Photographer I also use props like baskets, crates, and chairs to create interesting and dynamic compositions.

perth newborn twins posed in a pretty light green box.

5. Add lots of Family Images

These are always the most special images for families as it shows their complete family and can show the beautiful new bonds forming.

  1. Patience is Key

Photographing newborn twins is definitely a challenge, so it’s important to be patient. I take my time and allow the babies to settle into each pose and take breaks if the babies become fussy or need to be fed or changed. The session is about capturing beautiful images, not rushing through poses.

Twins bundled up in green woolen blankets and matching green bonnets
  1. Safety First

When working with newborn twins, safety is my top priority.

I always work with an experienced assistant so neither of the twins is left unattended and there is always a pair of hands holding or supporting the babies in a prop whilst I take the photos.

newborn twins sleeping and snuggling as they face one another

7. Unique Images

I love creating unique artwork for parents and newborn twins are ideal for telling compelling and interesting stories.