What do I need to know before booking a Newborn Photographer?

Your beautiful baby bump is growing quickly and you can’t wait to meet the new miracle you have created. With so many things to remember I am sure the last thing on your mind is newborn photography. But,It’s worth booking your newborn photographer in your second trimester before you become exhausted, and to ensure the right photographer for you has space in their calendar.

Newborn photography has become one of the most special ways that you can document this magical and miraculous time in yours and your baby’s life. It is a time filled with wonder and amazement, as your perfect bundle arrives earth side and your life is transformed. Those tiny feet, sweet baby smells and squishy lips won’t last long. Those first few weeks will fly by in a blur of sleepless nights and days filled with nothing but feeding, burping and endless cuddles. It’s hard to remember those first few weeks as a Momma which is why it’s become so popular to document with professional photography. If you are looking for or are interested in newborn photography in Perth there are some important things you should know before booking your newborn photographer.

Is your Perth Newborn Photographer a Professional or a Hobbyist?

Always do your research! Just because a photographer has a Facebook or Instagram account, it does not make them a professional. Please check if they have Google reviews and speak to a few photographers before making a decision.

Please ask the photographer you are considering what training they have received and even better make sure they are accredited with the AIPP. Unfortunately, in Australia the photography industry is not regulated, and this can result in anyone being able to call themselves a professional, without any recourse, any accountability and any attempt to adhere to agreed and appropriate standards.

Using an Accredited Professional means that:

  1. You are working with a professional whose status has been formally validated and recognised.
  2. You are working with a professional who you can trust.
  3. You are working with a professional whose creativity is constantly pushed and developed.
  4. You are working with a professional who is a member of the only recognised professional imaging membership body in Australia.
  5. You are working with a professional who adheres to a required level of service and quality, regardless of the standards the professional sets for themselves.
  6. You are working with a professional who has been through the accreditation process.
  7. You are working with a professional who is bound by a Code of Professional Practice.

Is your Newborn Photographer specifically trained in newborn safety and handling?

Is there anything cuter than a baby holding his squishy cheeks in what is known as the froggy pose? Or that adorable picture of a baby hanging from a cocoon in a branch? Only a photographer who understands how to pose the baby in a Froggy pose – using an assistant -and then merging the images using the magic of photoshop should be trusted to attempt this pose as with many other poses. Babies hanging in trees and lounging on chairs should all be created using composite images. So make sure your photographer is skilled enough in Photoshop to be able to achieve these images

Have you seen cute pictures of babies on Pinterest stuffed into glass jars and wrapped in Christmas lights? Did you know none of these are safe? If you see images like this in a photographer’s portfolio, please steer clear.

Your new baby is the most precious thing on earth and his or her neck needs to be supported at all times, which is why choosing a professional photographer Perth who understands how to safely handle a baby during a newborn session is so important.

How good is your Newborn Photographer’s Portfolio?

When it comes to a professional standard there are definitely variations but what you should look for is a lot of variety, not just one amazing photo.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Are they able to consistently create photos that are not dark and underexposed?
  2. Is the light soft and pleasing to the eye?
  3. Are the props suitable to the size of the baby?
  4. Do they have a wide range of colors and outfits available for you to use?
  5. Do you like their style?
  6. Are they able to pose consistently?

With so many options out there, it really is worth doing your homework and comparing a few photographers, makes sure you find one who is legitimate and trustworthy and whose style you love. Check their website and google for reviews and testimonials, do they have any awards? It takes years of practice and hard work to win awards, so if your photographer is “award winning”, you can be sure you’re in pretty good hands.

Have a chat with your Newborn Photographer

Having your baby photographed, wrapped and posed by a stranger can be very daunting and is a very personal experience, why not ask to meet your photographer for a coffee to get to know them and make sure you feel comfortable with them.


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