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Is your angel growing up too quickly and blossoming into a beautiful young lady?

Does your little guy have a big dream of being an elite sportsman?

The yearly school photo is so boring and old fashioned – you want something a bit more modern and unique to remember their aspirations and dreams


We know you would like to hold onto these moments forever

You want to bottle up these these special and unique qualities and hold onto them for dear life before they fly the coop



Make your Unforgettable Moments Last Forever

DREAM TEAM sessions are designed to “bottle up” a moment in your child’s life, to capture who they are NOW

The years are flying by and you cannot believe your baby is 14 already with a big dream of being a Soccer star, a Novelist or Ballerina or just a cool guy

Your chances to capture these moments before the next big moment (like a wedding!) are running out faster than you care to admit

The award winning team at CWP will freeze these moments for you in a unique style which captures the essence of your child’s personality and dreams



All photo shoots take place at The Photo Studio in Lesmurdie.




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We will be take a selection of emotive images of your child that brings out the best in them

Clothing and styling is very important in these sessions to give the right feel to your images


What your  DREAM TEAM EXPERIENCE includes

A DREAM TEAM session usually takes about 1 hour.


  • A personalised call to get to know your child’s dreams and aspirations so we can incorporate their unique qualities and attributes into their photoshoot
  • We will discuss outfit choices and prop ideas
  •  Professional and creative editing of the best images from your session.
  • Personalised viewing appointment at the studio where you can purchase your favourite photos
  • A time for your child to have a bit of fun, dream, hope and inspire others with their aspirations

There are no digital files or prints included, these are purchased separately at your ordering appointment if you wish.

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