Project 365 December 16 – December 22

My project 365 is fast approaching the finish line and the excitement of Christmas approaching in this household is almost palpable, and it’s been a fun week all around. The real start of morning sleep ins and cuddles’ even though Paige is already bored and asks me at least 50 times a day what she can do – there is no taming this child.  We’ve been out and about on the Swan river with friends. A beautiful morning turned into a very cold and wet ride home, we looked like drowned rats by the time we got back to shore. we worked on our garden and I’ve been working very hard converting a shed into my new studio. This is a very exciting project and i can’t wait to reveal all very soon. We had a our first hot day and so it was cyclones all around.  Yesterday had the most amazing cloud display but when I got home but I couldn’t find a spot that did them justice.

You will also have noticed that my blog has had a makeover. That’s because today marks the 3rd anniversary of the start of this crazy adventure for me. I wanted something that represented my growth. Something fresh with a modern, organic feel. Something fun and different to all the other Mommy blogs out there. I hope I have done it well. I still cannot believe that 3 years ago I knew nothing about photography and I was just another mom with a camera. And well here we are 3 years on. I can’t wait to see what 2016 holds for me. But I do think I need to continue this project in some way.


Morning cuddles



Working hard on my new websiteWD1A1231-copy


A Windy dayWD1A1266-copy


Captain PaigeWD1A1303-copy


Beautiful Perth as seen from the Swan river- the quiet before the storm.WD1A1315-copy


Hot dayWD1A1335-copy


Summer cloudsWD1A1345-Pano-copy


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