Project 365 | August 25 – 31

I am so sorry I missed last weeks post – it was a pretty difficult week here. My dad had a massive heart attack – he’s ok – but it made me really feel the distance as we live in Australia and he is in South Africa. I wished I could just hop on a plane and fly back. He’s now been sent home to rest and will have to have a triple heart bypass in a couple of weeks. Once again it made me realize the importance of documenting our lives with our children, and getting those all important family portraits done.

My daughter turns 13 today. I’m not sure where the time has gone – but we are so blessed to have her in our lives, she is beautiful, smart and very full of sass. Her birthday request was a photoshoot with her friends. How could I deny her? It’s like a match made in heaven. And I’m not sure how much longer she will oblige me so we shopped for dresses and outfits and planned all the details. She chose the location and styled the session.  They were so excited and even though they had a full day of dress rehearsals they still had time for this. For the last few shots in the flowers, – for those who understand camera “speak” I pushed my iso to 4000! 🙂

So this weeks blog is a little different, I’ve used the shoot pictures as my share. As we leave Karratha in a few weeks I am also madly busy with client bookings so I haven’t been shooting as much personal work as I would like. I figured this would make up for it. Don’t forget to follow our circle and see what Beth Ann has been up to this week.


Teen city ballet photoshoot


teen city ballet photoshoot

teen city ballet photoshoot

teen city ballet photoshoot

ballet in the city


Flower princesses

Flower Princess


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