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This is why I have the best job ever. I get to photograph, snuggle and cuddle newborn babies nearly everyday. From those teeny tiny toes, to perfect eyelashes, every inch of your newborn baby is precious and worth photographing and preserving. Trust me, my oldest is turning 15  this year and I’m not sure how it happened.  But I still remember nuzzling my nose in her silky newborn hair and spending hours smelling her soft perfect baby smell. These moments are worth preserving. They literally vanish in the blink of an eye.


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It is always such an honour to be chosen as a someone’s newborn photographer. I feel like parents are putting their complete trust in me and I have a duty to provide them with images they will treasure, and more than that, I need them to trust that I will take care of their baby and not put him in harms way. One of my top priorities is your babies safety at a newborn session. Many images you see online need an experienced photographer to be able to pose the baby safely and should not be attempted by an amateur. I treat every baby that comes through my doors as my own. Babies are not props – they are little people and I treat them with respect. I would never try a pose I was not comfortable with and your baby will soon let me know if they are not happy. Sometimes I need babies head supported and I only have 2 hands so I will ask dad to help – Mum has just given birth so I like her to sit and relax if possible. I will never do something just to get the shot. There are so many beautiful poses that can be done safely and beautifully.




14 Day old Baby Vittal, Perth Baby Photography by Channon Williamson Photography, Perth Western Australia



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