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The struggle to fall pregnant is very real and has been a huge roller coaster of emotions.The waiting and waiting for results. The disappointment and the tears. And then one day your miracle happens.

Now that you’re finally pregnant, you want to celebrate and enjoy every moment. But what they don’t tell you, is that you may not feel beautiful. You may feel like a beached whale or  you may be suffering with constant nausea and the exhaustion is something you’ve never felt before.

When I was pregnant with my first and yes it took a while. I was 32. The exhaustion overwhelmed me. All I wanted to do was sleep. All the time. I have one photo of me pregnant, I was wearing a white shirt and the picture was taken in bright, harsh sunlight, and I look washed out and not even pregnant. If only I had known about professional photos….. As I have grown older and my oldest daughter just overtook me in height, I regret not having beautiful professional photos of my pregnancies. It’s worth it.

Here are 5 GREAT reasons WHY you should have professional MATERNITY photos before time runs out.

It Really Is Fun!

Every client tells me after their session that they couldn’t believe how fun and easy it was. We take leisurely strolls on the beach, get sand in your feet and enjoy your partners company and closeness before your miracle arrives. We have a few laughs about how silly you might feel, but I promise you, it’s to help you relax and feel confident. Sometimes we wander through the bush and enjoy the warm sunny glow of a late afternoon sunset. If you feel shy, a studio session helps some clients feel more relaxed. So make sure you choose a photographer you can connect with.

This is what Samara had to say about her maternity session: “The maternity shoot was just so much fun walking on the beach enjoying the last days of having my baby belly. I felt like a princess and now I can cherish that time forever. I can’t wait to show them to my family.”



No matter how big, nauseous and frumpy you might feel, you are growing a tiny, precious human and you.ARE.beautiful.

Besides, selfie’s can be so unflattering and nobody got time for that!! Hire a trained maternity photographer who  knows how to pose you and show that beautiful shape of your belly so you look your best and you do feel like a million dollars.

I see a beautiful strong woman, about to bring a little soul into the world. I capture that!!

I see 2 people so in love they have decided to have a baby together to celebrate their love – I capture that!

I see pregnancy as a miracle, true beauty, femininity and strength.

You will only do this a few times in your life – it’s worth capturing in all it’s glory.

Michelle had this to say: ” Channon is a miracle worker. She made my look glowing and elegant, I never thought I could look beautiful pregnant.”


It’s a Chance to Get Creative

I know you’re feeling “blah” or perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones and you are feeling great. Either way this is such a  great opportunity to get your hair and make up done and put on something a bit more gorgeous and glamorous than you normally would. I have stunning maternity gowns that are designed to flatter and hug you in all the right places. It’s a chance to add an accessory like a flower crown or a gorgeous piece of chunky jewellery. Perhaps you want something completely unique like an intimate boudoir experience. Anything is possible. My favourite photos are beachy ones, the wind in your hair, the sunsets, the water. I find they are so calming and really help bring out the romance of a maternity photo-shoot. We spend so much money on our wedding and yet we feel compelled to skimp on this momentous event. It really is worth going the extra mile.

“Channon’s creativity is endless, she really captured the essence of us in such a creative way” Jacqui


A Time to Make Memories

Pregnancy is one of those times in your life you simply cannot re-create, once it’s gone, it’s well and truly gone. Don’t miss out just because you’re a bit unsure, feel blah or feel it’s not worth it.  It’s never too early in your pregnancy to book in, but it can be too late. Babies have very unpredictable timetables, so I usually recommend the 36 week mark, however, if you have a slightly high risk pregnancy, I recommend 30 weeks as in this case it’s better early than never. I have had several mum’s miss out or very nearly miss out because their babies arrived much earlier than anticipated.

Rachel’s baby arrived at 31 weeks and she missed out on her maternity photos. “I was absolutely devastated to miss our maternity shoot. I really wanted to have this memory captured for our baby.”

Your children will thank you one day for capturing this special time in their little lives.


Your maternity photo-shoot is absolutely complimentary when you hire me for your newborn photos

I feel so strongly that you should capture this time in your life that it is completely complimentary when you hire me for your newborn photos. What better reason than that?



5 Great reasons to have maternity photos5 Great reasons to have maternity photos5 Great reasons to have maternity photos5 Great reasons to have maternity photos5 Great reasons to have maternity photos5 Great reasons to have maternity photos5 Great reasons to have maternity photos5 Great reasons to have maternity photos5 Great reasons to have maternity photos5 Great reasons to have maternity photos




















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