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Newborn Safety

I wanted to talk a little about newborn safety today, especially because more and more we, as newborn photographers, are being asked to do certain shots. The internet is full of amazing pictures and ideas, but not all of them are actually safe to do, unless you know what you are doing, and how to photograph them as composite images.


The most important part of your newborn session, before anything else is SAFETY FIRST. I want my clients to feel secure that their baby is in good hands and they can trust me to take the utmost care of their precious new bundle. I find it an immense honour to capture this special time in people’s lives, and provide them with images they can truly treasure forever, I would never ruin that trust for the sake of getting a shot.


Newborn SafetyVery often the simplest of images are my favourite, the ones that show how pure and innocent your baby is, and how tiny and fragile yet strong they are. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be breathtakingly beautiful.

Newborn Safety



I do understand that clients request the very popular swinging, hanging type images and I love to create these. But they are created in Photoshop. I would NEVER hang a baby in the air. Sometimes we use a base prop but always have a spotter or parent with a hand on the baby, The images are then “put together” in Photoshop to create the illusion of the baby on the swing or in a hammock.


Here are some of the things to consider when I photograph your newborn.

  • I never leave a baby unattended in a prop, on the posing bag or with a young sibling.
  • I never force a baby into any pose. Sometimes they squirm and cry when we move them, so we give them a minute or 2 to settle, if I feel they are uncomfortable, I will remove them or move them immediately.
  • I always have a spotter or parent next to the baby when using props
  • I have a parent or assistant use a support hand or finger when posing the baby and remove it later in Photoshop.
  • I always use a safety strap when using my camera – so it can’t fall on your baby
  • I never put a baby inside a prop that could break
  • I never have glass props – EVER.
  • I encourage parents to have young siblings taken away from the studio after they are done with their shots so that my focus is on your baby and their safety. Toddlers can become stressed in the close confines of the studio and can be distracting to me and the baby


Some of the poses parents ask me to do are not always possible, simply because not all babies can physically do them. Examples are the froggy pose and taco pose. These poses require the hips to be almost displaced and I only attempt them if bub is born breach or they naturally draw their legs up.


This baby loved her legs up and actually became a bit uncomfortable if I tried to keep them down. So I was happy to capture this very cute look for her mum and dad.


Newborn Safety Taco Pose


This one is not quite froggy or taco – I call it tafro. Only a few babies are comfortable in this position, but I just love their little toes peeking up like that.

Newborn Safety Froggy Pose


I have this image printed in the studio and almost everyone asks me how I did it. This is an example of a composite, it’s made up of 3 separate shots. Dad holding the branches for me, Baby safely on the bag, and a separate photo of the cloth hanging. These photos can take hours to put together in Photoshop, but I love creating these unique pieces of art for families.

Newborn Safety


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