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Is it worth getting professional newborn photos?

There are so many reasons to have newborn photos done.

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  1. It’s one of the most important, life changing events in your life (I would go so far as to say – even bigger than your wedding.) Babies change in a matter of weeks, and what better way to preserve those beautiful tiny details than with professional photos.
  2. I am sure you will snap a gazillion photos of your baby as iphones are just so handy these days. But in 10, 20 or 30 years time, will those snaps still be available? Probably not.Professionally printed photos will last a lifetime and your children can enjoy them for many generations
  3. A professional newborn photographer really knows how to pose and style your photos so they are timeless and worth displaying in your home.
  4. They are only tiny for a few short weeks, after that the window of opportunity is lost.
  5. In 20 years, do you think you will look back and say ‘I wish we had newborn photos taken’ or ‘I wish we didn’t spend $$$’? I know which one I would be saying.
  6. Pictures will last for ever but all the other things you buy for baby will be used and outgrown before you know it.

Willow had this to say: “Totally worth it and should be done for every child!! The one thing that a million people told me was “how fast they grow up and are no longer little babies”. I thought yeah, yeah, I know, whatever. Now I have a 17 month old and have NO IDEA how the time flew by so quickly. We look at her newborn photos and it’s like she’s a totally different person! They are precious memories everyone should have! ”


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It’s never too early to book your newborn session. In fact it’s a good idea to book once you have passed the 4 month mark so you don’t miss out.




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