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So often I get asked – How many photos do we get.

I like to present a gallery of about 25 – 35 proofs for you to choose from.

So I thought I would give you a little taster of how I strive for perfection rather than taking 100’s of pointless shots. And this is where quality over quantity comes in.

I want every client to feel part of the Channon Williamson Family so we start by pampering the new mum with a makeover so she looks and feels beautiful for her photos.

I then focus on 4 – 5 “prop photos”, each one can take up to 20 minutes to perfect, I could give you 5 photos of each prop set up, but I feel like that is cheating and would rather focus on a that one perfect shot. I incorporate all the colours and poses the mum said she loved at our pre-consult coffee. 🙂

Newborn Baby Photography in Perth | Prop Shots


newborn baby wrapped in a bundle with a teddy on a fluffy blue blanketNewborn photography posing in a little bedNewborn posed in a bucketNewborn dressed as a koala on a fluffly blue blanketNewborn posed with chin on hands in a bamboo basketNewborn wrapped in a blue wrap and posed in a wooden bowl on a grey background




Newborn Baby Photography in Perth | Family Shots

Once Mummy has had her hair and make up done – I move into the parent and family photos. I do love these in black and white as they are so timeless and really draw your attention to the tiny little baby features of a newborn as well as the connection and love new parents have for their baby.

These shots usually take around 20 – 40 minutes of the session, depending on if we have messes or baby becomes unsettled as she begins to smell her mum nearby. – Yes that is a thing.





At this point – most babies might need a top up feed as I set up to do the more “natural” baby focused photos.

Newborn Baby Photography in Perth | Natural Posing

Again, each pose can take several minutes to perfect and quite often a blanket change at this point, means we need to resettle and soothe baby as we clean up messes and replace blankets. Sometimes we get lucky and baby sleeps through this process. There is also quite a lot of re-positioning for these poses, which can unsettle the baby too

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