My 2016 Journey | June

My 2016 Journey – the last 2 weeks June 7 – June 21


I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it, but life is so busy at the moment and last week I was away again, worked through Saturday, and squeezed in a workshop during the week. I mean – I am literally bursting at the seams. I think I thrive on it – but in untrue form I took a day off today. I think I earned it and my email was down and I was forced to do nothing. I had my hair done, met my husband for lunch and a bit of shopping, picked up the girls from school and did some housework.


So here is a little glimpse of the last 2 weeks – not too exciting but i loved how the sun came out after a shower and made sparkles in my garden. I’m also trying to learn more about studio light so a few practice shots here too:



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