My 2016 Journey February 9 – February 15

I have to admit – it wasn’t a great week for pictures. I have been working like a crazy person on a work project and I’m 90% done. I can’t wait to reveal it. So I’m a few images short this week. But I have been experimenting again , some double exposures, a few landscapes and our garden is blooming. – even through the heatwave. 🙂 I say heatwave in jest because of course 2 days of 42C does not in my books constitute a heatwave. Try living for 8 months where it never goes below 35C and then we can talk heatwave.  I’m so proud of my first Gardenia flower and the zucchini’s are getting on nicely. 🙂





You can follow the circle with JENNIFER this week.  Her work is quite magical – she makes the everyday look amazing. 🙂


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