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Perth Maternity Photographer Channon WilliamsonPerth Maternity Photographer Channon WilliamsonPerth Maternity Photographer Channon Williamson


So you’ve been thinking about getting some maternity images done, but you’re not too sure about it. Maybe you feel like you don’t look beautiful enough or you’re feeling heavy and not glamorous. Let me tell you a little something about my pregnancies – almost 14 years ago now – where did the time go? I have one picture of me pregnant with my first – it was taken front on in a white shirt and you can’t even tell I was pregnant. The second was with my second child in a black dress at night. Guess what? You can’t tell I was pregnant. I have nothing to show them how much I loved having them in my belly. And let me also tell you – I felt like an elephant – towards the end I had put on nearly 20kg and I am a small person. But even so, if I had had them done at around 34 weeks, I would still have looked glowing and not “heavy” – and a skilled photographer knows how to pose you in the most flattering way.

So maybe now I’ve convinced you to have a maternity session. How do you choose a photographer and what do you look for? Custom photography is a real luxury and is not for everyone but if you value having heirloom images to pass on to your children you need to make sure you look at several portfolios and choose someone you love. Make sure they are are affiliated with their local professional body, you might want to find out if they are insured and if they offer custom wall art.

One of the most important factors for me – is that they are able to provide professional, archival quality prints, canvases and albums. There is an art and skill required to create stunning wall and album art for your home. I am pleased to tell you I offer this service, I love nothing more than delivering a tangible product to my clients and seeing them proudly displayed in their home. It is so much more than a CD or USB – chucked into a draw. It makes me sad that in this day and age people value that more than a beautiful linen album that they can lovingly page through with their children.  Did you know children’s self esteem is greatly enhanced when they see images of themselves displayed in the home?


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