Mentoring Information

Welcome to Channon Williamson Photography. I am so excited you want to grow and learn and it’s my honour to help you.


The location is: 30 Flora Trc  Lesmurdie -Please use that as your GPS address, BUT before you get to my driveway – turn RIGHT onto ROSELLA Street and park on the left verge near the sign I will put out for you. Please do not walk around to the house entrance – the studio has a separate entrance on Rosella street – big green gate.


Please aim to be here by 9:00am

Please bring your camera and lenses – I use a 24 – 70mm and a 100mm macro. A 35mm or 50mm will also be suitable. You will have an opportunity to photograph all the set ups.

Dress comfortably and prepare to be very warm as I keep the studio toasty.

We will spend the first hour going over how I set up and plan a session –

1st Model arrives at 9:30 (I arrange 2 separate models)

I will start with parent posing – one with mum and one with dad and a family shot.

I will then move onto wrapped poses in props for you. We try and get through the most common poses.

Short lunch break and tidy up

1:00 pm – New model arrives we will focus on beanbag posing and try and get through all the poses.

3pm – finish with models and spend an hour going over my editing workflow.




Serving Perth, Western Australia

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