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In Home Newborn Session


The moment your baby arrives your life changes!

The joy and wonder you feel is like no other and until that moment happens to you is inexplicable. This new found love can be so overwhelming in the early days but of course, it never goes away. But these early moments are the ones you will treasure the most and you should capture the tiny details before they are gone forever. This time can never be relived and is so precious and as your baby grows to a toddler and beyond, these early magical days will find their way into a special place in your memory. Capturing these moments with a photographer who understands newborn photography is such a beautiful experience and will help you to remember all the feelings you all experienced as you welcomed your unique and precious gift into the world.


But First, How Would You Like Your Baby Photographed?

There are two ways to photograph your newborn. There’s classic studio photography or modern and contemporary in home sessions. Both styles aim to show the pure, innocence of your baby as well as the bond you share. Classic studio portraits allow the photographer to use a range of beautiful props and blankets and wraps and she spends time creating relaxed but expert poses whereas an in home session uses your decor and style and a more relaxed style of posing. So the choice is how you want to remember those early days.

Do you have a beautiful, stylish home? Then maybe an in home newborn session is perfect for you!

These sessions are a little more relaxed and aim to show the bond between your precious new baby and your family in the comfort of your own home. Using simple styling, and baby as the focus.

When Is The Right Time to Photograph Your Newborn?

Of course, you could wait until they’re a little older, but the first 10 – 20 days is magical and overflowing with emotion. A time never to be forgotten. Channon will capture these special moments while understanding the challenges of newborn photography and will not only help you choose the right photographic experience for you and your baby but will schedule a full 3-hour session to allow time for feeding and sleeping if needed.

There is no doubt in the weeks and months ahead there will be chaos, there will be many a sleepless night, but right now, in this beautiful moment, we’re capturing your bliss and how you felt in those very first days of love.


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