FREE 8×10 Storyboard Template

FREE 8×10 Storyboard Template

Have you just started out and finding it incredibly hard to figure out what to do. Join me, as I help you from beginning to end. Newborn Photography is a very rewarding career, but also incredibly difficult to learn. Courses cost $$$$$, one on one mentoring even more. I am creating a one of a kind virtual one on one mentoring resource. Absolutely free. You can join my Facebook group where I will answer any questions you might have. I will be posting videos and tutorials as you join me on your newborn photography journey.


Download your 8X10 Storyboard HERE

And here are the instructions:

You will have a PSD file that is customisable.


To change the background colour layer: Double Click on the “Change Background Layer” layer – this will bring up the colour picker and you can choose whatever colour your heart desires

Click OK once you’re done

To add pictures to the frames:



Click onto the layer that says picture 1

FILE > Place embedded > choose the file you would like to use from wherever you have stored it (this will bring it in as a smart object)

You will now need to resize and transform it

Hold down your SHIFT key and grab the Picture with your cursor and move it over the frame. Still holding SHIFT You can now resize it. (By holding down the shift key, you keep the aspect ratio the same) .


Now this is where the magic happens.

Click ok or enter – you can always move it again if you’re not happy.

Now right click > create clipping mask


The picture should become part of the frame – you can now move it again if you’re not happy by clicking CMD T (for mac) and CTRL T for pc


Click on the next picture layer and keep going until you have filled all the frames.


You can use this to create a collage print for clients or on your blog or FB page.


If you prefer a portrait orientation Go to

IMAGE > Image rotation> 90 Clockwise


This will mess your sequence up a little – but just turn each layer on and off to see where you are



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