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Family Photos Perth – How to Prepare


BUT, most people do have some questions, so here are the most common and these should help you feel relaxed and prepared.


Where do we meet?

When you’re thinking of having your family photos in Perth, the options are almost endless, but I think the best photos are taken where you feel happy and your children are happy.

Choose from your favourite beach, – the Applecross foreshore, Point Walter, Lesmurdie Falls, Hyde Park, or your own back yard.


What time should we do the shoot?

There are two good answers to this question:

My favourite time sunset, for that magical golden glow or sunset feel.  But that could mean it’s past your little ones bedtime SO

 Your shoot is always easiest and best when everyone is well-fed and well-rested. We can always find a perfect spot where the light falls softly in the middle of the day or mid morning if that suits you best.

Whatever you choose…Perth family photos are always pretty.


What should we wear?

To create beautiful family photos in which you all look and feel your best, it’s worth giving a little thought to your photo shoot wardrobe. What clothes do you feel good in? What style do you love?

I suggest choosing something timeless, without logos or prints. If you are having a family portrait, planning a colour that fits together makes your photos look cohesive. Think co-ordinating, rather than matching.  We can always chat through your preferences before your photo session anyway.

Autumnal colours, olive greens, texture and lace work beautifully to create modern images


You can find some inspiration HERE


Do I have to bring props to the shoot?

As I love natural photos best, I generally don’t use props in my shoots, but if there is something you would really love to have in your photos, feel free to bring it along!


Should I do hair and make-up?

Looking and feeling your best on the day of the shoot definitely makes you feel more confident, which shines through in your family photos. It’s not necessary to get your hair and make-up done professionally, but taking the extra care really makes a difference to your photos in the end.


How long will it take to get our photos?

Most people cannot wait to see their photos ! That’s why I’m a real believer in getting your photos to you as quickly as I can. Your download, with carefully edited images will be ready within two weeks of your session. If you are from out of Perth, and heading home soon, I will prioritise your session so you get it almost immediately.



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