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Baby photos | Perth newborn photographer Channon Williamson shows us what you can expect from your newborn session with tips for taming your toddler.


Newborn Baby Prop Shots

I always include 2 prop set ups in your newborn session. These usually include the baby in a bowl, bucket, custom bed or wreath.

photo of a babyphoto of a baby facephoto of a baby in a wrapsleepy baby

Newborn Baby Macro Shots

I love the tiny details of a babies new features. You will be surprised how quickly you forget how tiny they were.

Baby eyelashesBaby lipsBaby fingersNewborn Portrait


Sibling Shots

Toddlers can be challenging , I know I’ve had 2 myself, and they don’t always want to participate, so here are some tips for helping with your session.

Everyone wants that perfect smiley photo of their children, but my advise is if we try to demand this from our children they dig in their heels and become difficult.

Tips for Keeping a Toddler Interested and Involved

  • SO, please prepare your toddler on the way by singing and playing a fun game. They are already beginning to feel left out and overwhelmed by the arrival of their new baby brother/sister. By giving them lots of attention on the way, it will make them feel included.
  • PLEASE don’t pressure them, but gently explain what the morning is about.
  • DO NOT use food as a bribe, as soon as parents offer bribes, they lose interest immediately.
  • DO bring their favourite comfort toy and we let them use it in the photos – it is part of who they are and we want them to feel loved and included
  • IF they are completely uncooperative, you MUST remain calm, they sense your anxiety and becomes harder and harder. Let me play a game with them or suggest reading or singing a favourite song. We can give them a break and try again.

Photo of big brother with newborn sisterNewborn Siblings

Family Shots

One of the questions I get asked the most is, ” Can we include parent and sibling photos in our session?” And the answer is YES, of course. My goal is to capture the overwhelming new love you are experiencing for your baby. One of the best ways to do this is to show a close connection between the family unit.

I usually spend around 45 – 60 minutes on the family and sibling portraits. If siblings are involved we do these at the beginning of the session, and if no siblings are involved we do them at the end.

family photosnewborn family photomum and newborn baby photonewborn family photoMummy and her babiesnewborn baby in daddy's armsnewborn portrait

Newborn Posed Shots

I try to include 3 – 4 poses for you and you are welcome to choose the colours for your shots. I never force a baby into a pose.

Sometimes they cry when we disturb them, if I can’t settle them after a minute – I will give them back to you to soothe and comfort them, possibly having a top up feed before we try again. If baby is very unsettled I will wrap them snugly and this usually calms them down nicely.

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