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Newborn baby wrapped in green, posed in a bucketNewborn baby posed face forward on a beanbag Newborn portrait of a Chinese babySmiling newborn baby posed on a bean bag in side lying positionNewborn family picture with mum and dad cradling babyNewborn baby wrapped in navy in a basketNewborn baby posed on a beanbag in tushie up poseNewborn in potato sack pose with a red wrapNewborn baby posed on a bowl in tushie up poseblack and white photo of mum and newborn babyChinese baby posed ina nest on a green backdrop

Baby Photography in Perth continues to become more and more popular.  So I always suggest you do your homework and go with someone who’s style you love. AND Please also make sure they are trained in baby posing and baby safety so you can be assured your baby is never positioned in an unsafe way, or in an unsafe prop. Babies should never be hung from branches – for example. If you see a shot like that, the photographer should have done what is known as a composite photograph in which the baby is photographed safely on a beanbag first and added to a second shot.Babies like to be warm. So your photographer should know the ideal temperature for the shooting space to be and will regulate it accordingly. You may feel hot and a bit sweaty but quite often babies are posed naked – I am certain you would not like being left naked when it’s 18C. So usually 28 – 30C is where we like it.

You can read more about what to expect form a NEWBORN session HERE

I would also recommend you find a photographer you can work with and who will try and accommodate your wishes in terms of colours, styling and posing your session. A good idea is to look through their websites and Facebook pages to get a good idea of what to expect. As an artist who has worked very hard trying to create a unique style, it can be quite hard to try and emulate someone else.


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