Baby Photos

Baby Photos

Baby photos are a treasure and as we grow older and our children prepare to leave for uni or life these early memories grow even more precious. There are so many options of documenting this journey, from birth photography, newborn photography, baby photos of when they cut their first tooth to One year old celebrations.

So our advice is to always hire a professional to capture the important milestones, and the events that are meaningful to you as a family, whether you have a tradition to celebrate Halloween or Diwali, or your hubby is a firefighter and you want to celebrate that as part of your baby’s heritage. Baby Photos are the perfect way to document your baby’s journey.

There is also safety to consider when photographing your precious bundle. Capturing babies and children is fraught with danger and difficulty. They are extremely unpredictable and do not listen to instructions. A Professional newborn or baby photographer understands all the ins and outs of creating perfect shots for you in a safe and calm way.

From Birth to One Year is such a milestone for parents and Little Ones as they grow and change daily. Capture all those sweet and quirky moments with these cute and creative baby photo shoot ideas

Capturing the first tender moments of parenthood

This is traditionally done in the hospital, if you have had a hospital birth or at home. The idea is to capture the initial bonding of parents and baby in a real and authentic way. No make up, no props, just you and baby revelling in the sweet baby smells, learning to feed or having the fist bath. Your professional photographer will take on a documentary role in a creative way to focus on the details and feelings of the moment.

Newborn Baby Photos

These are typically done when baby is between 9 and 21 days old. Your professional newborn photographer will be able to guide you, but the main reason that newborn photographers prefer this age for your baby photos is that newborns are usually still quite sleepy and curly and it’s much easier to get the adorable cute photos you see online.

Newborn sessions cannot be rushed and are always led by the baby’s needs, so don’t be surprised if the session takes up to 3 hours. If you go over three hours it can start becoming stressful for baby and you. Your photographer will do a variety of shots and should include the family shots as well as baby portraits. These can be elaborate or simple depending on your taste.

Your photographer will have a particular style – ask to see lots of completed galleries so you can be sure their work is up to par and that you like their portfolio. Cheap doesn’t always mean good – especially when it comes to your baby. Its worth researching your photographer to ensure they understand how to work safely with your precious bundle.  There is a trend to do in-home newborn sessions, but leaves the photographer with less control over lighting and making sure backgrounds are kept clear of clutter.

Baby Photos : What to expect in a gallery

Ideas for Newborn Photos

The Snuggle

There’s nothing more special than those early days baby snuggles.

What a beautiful way for your baby to remember just how much you cherished them and how little and perfect they were.

dad snuggling his newborn

Hands Holding Baby

This is such a powerful image, full of symbolism.

The hands represent your love and strength and protectiveness of this miracle of life.

The Classic Basket Shot

If done tastefully and safely this is a timeless and classic newborn shot.

By keeping the colours and textures simple and neutral and baby will be the star of the shot.

The Froggy Pose

This is one of the most popular newborn poses, but requires skill and training to achieve safely. Babies are unable to support themselves and this shot must always be done as two separate images with baby being supported at all times.

Baby needs to be carefully and gently moved into position and requires baby to be fully asleep.

Most of the work takes place in Photoshop to combine 2 – 3 different images.

Baby Smiles & Teddies

What is cuter than a newborn baby smile? A Baby holding a teddy and smiling!

Something Meaningful

Everyone has a story to tell and what better way to incorporate baby’s heritage into your baby photos than with something unique and artistic .

Here are some ideas:

Dad loves his job as a firefighter or pilot

Mum and Dad have suffered loss and celebrate with a Rainbow Baby Photo shoot

Parents have Mixed Heritage and want to celebrate both.

Game of Thrones fans or Superman fans

Mum is a florist and dad is a wine enthusiast

Simplicity is Best

Keeping it simple is sometimes best. A well-executed simple shot has far more impact than a badly executed and unsafe shot – no matter how fancy.

Celebrating The Milestones with Baby Photos


Think of all the adorable milestones you like to celebrate , like Baby finally sitting independently or Baby’s first Easter/Christmas/Diwali? Halloween etc

When baby starts sitting and smiling those first gummy smiles – nothing will light up your life more. A milestone shoot like this will be treasured for years


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