Newborn baby laying on her belly with her hands under her chin. She is lying on a sage green blanket and wears a sage green bonnet

There’s absolutely nothing more special than the first years of your gorgeous baby’s life.

From those first precious moments of meeting your newborn for the first time to the big wide eyed smiles of a mischievous toddler as they develop their own little personality.

Everyday is a new discovery. One moment they’re finding these wonderful things called toes and then before you know it, they’re climbing to the top of the monkey bars at the local park.

Each day and moment is truly a blessing – but OH SO fleeting!

Let’s capture the ADORABLENESS of those first years and the beautiful bond they share with you … before they’re all grown up and heading off to kindy. 

We’re now taking bookings for our BRAND SPANKING new $50 “Babies in Bonnets” Portrait Experience Special for babies aged 6 weeks to 3-years-old.

Total value $500.


Limited weekday sessions available.

Immediate families only – cousins or friends can book separate sessions that overlap if you are wanting extended family shots.

They won’t be babies forever! So let’s not miss a single moment and treasure these memories for years to come.

A creative newborn photograph of a Baby dressed in a grey onesie an posed on a game of thrones throne with a smoky, moody background, shows why Channon Williamson is the best newborn photographer in Perth.

What is the Babies in Bonnets Experience?

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