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Hi, I am Channon (pronounced Shannon).

I am an award winning photographer based in Perth, WA. I have a lifelong passion for creating and telling stories through photos. From as early as I can remember I have held a camera and felt like it was an extension of my being. I believe every family is unique and has a beautiful story to tell, so I work closely with you to truly inspire and bring your stories to life.

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Photography is a unique art form that allows us to freeze a moment in time and preserve memories that we can treasure for years to come.

One of the things that sets me apart is my use of the evening light, especially at sunset. During this time of day, the light is soft and warm, creating a glowing atmosphere. This natural light source provides a stunning backdrop for all my family and pregnancy sessions and adds the magic to your portraits.

In addition to working outdoors, I also use studio photography to create newborn portraits that are elegant and timeless. I often bring the outdoors in and I love to use environmental elements in my newborn creations. The controlled lighting environment of a studio allows me to create images that are beautifully lit, regardless of the weather or time of day. This makes it an ideal setting for capturing your intimate moments during pregnancy shoots and newborn sessions.

When photographing families, I focus on capturing the love and connection between the members. I aim to create images that showcase the unique personalities and relationships within each family, and to create a visual story that will be cherished for generations.

Wedding photography is a new love for me and I approach each wedding with the goal of capturing the emotions, details, and portraits that make each day truly special. I work closely with each couple to understand their vision for their big day and to ensure that their photographs reflect the joy of the occasion.

My style is a combination of candid and thoughtfully posed, which results in images that are filled with warmth, and are timeless and classic.


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