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I am  passionate about maternity photography, and my job as your maternity photographer is to make you look and feel like a supermodel for about an hour; because let’s face it, pregnancy is not always glamorous. I know’ I’ve had 2 babies, swollen ankles and felt like an elephant. But it is a momentous time and I want you to look back and remember what a privilege it was to carry these beautiful souls in your belly. I never had maternity photos taken when I was pregnant and  it’s my biggest regret. They want to see what I looked like when I was pregnant with them and I have nothing to show them.

My maternity shoot in the Jacaranda trees in Perth came about when I was driving to a friend one afternoon and  I spotted avenues of blossoming Jacaranda trees.  I immediately thought how wonderful it would be to use them as my backdrop.   So when Danae contacted me, I asked her if she would be keen to trust my artistic instincts and she agreed. It is such a privilege when clients do trust my artistic vision as  I offer a boutique experience and I love to create each session as uniquely as possible so you have something bespoke to treasure from this beautiful and exciting time in your life. I offer a wide selection of carefully curated gowns, wraps and dresses so you need not stress about a thing for your shoot. I bring them all along and send you a link with all the important information about preparing for your session once you book your custom maternity shoot. My maternity sessions keep you and your comfort in mind always. I will always check with you before your shoot about my ideas and planning your wardrobe and make up. You will look elegant and radiant and I promise – you will love the experience.


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