365 Project 14 April – 20 April

It’s that time of the week again. It’s been raining in our part of the world and has been gray for about 5 days – unheard of – but a very welcome relief from the relentless heat and humidity we have suffered for the last 5 months. It hasn’t made for very interesting light and I  realised just how lucky we are to always have interesting and challenging light to work with. So my week is a celebration of cooler weather.

Grey skies



Paige picked me a pretty pink flowerWD1A2220


Macro rain dropsWD1A2345Truth be told – I had a heap of fun with this, trying to keep my camera dry was interesting.



We rushed out to buy wellies so she could splash in the puddlesWD1A2432-copy




Nothing better than splashing in muddy puddlesWD1A2449



Good night dappled lightWD1A2457


and hand angels.WD1A2460


I hope you are all inspired and go out and a have a fabulous week. To keep the circle going please follow Charity’s week and leave her some love


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