My 1016 Journey May 24 – May 30

I am sorry for my absence. But as you all probably know I have been away and have come back to baby overload. Before I left I prepared 8 prints for the WA (Western Australian) Professional Photography Awards. The 2 weeks away were incredibly busy, a little bit stressful and very exhausting. We spent the first week in Johannesburg preparing for my sister’s wedding – which I was honoured to photograph. It poured with rain on the day, but everyone came together and made it an incredibly special day. It was hard to be the photographer and not a guest but at the same time I am so happy I could give them this. The next week saw us in Cape Town where I had to work for a few days. We stayed with very dear friends in the small town where we used to live about 90 km outside of Cape Town and I commuted to the city each day whilst our friends entertained my children. I didn’t have any time to take pictures I wanted except from the plane. 🙂 And before we knew it it was time to head home. So may people have asked me if I would ever go back to South Africa and my answer is as beautiful as elements are – we could never go back. I felt sad for what I saw had become of South Africa, devastating came to mind as did the book by Chinua Achebe – Things Fall Apart . Yes I miss my family and the majesty of the mountains and the oceans and sweeping vineyards, but we are happy to call Perth home now.

I have come home to a full schedule of May babies and today I watched the awards in person as 4 of my prints were judged. These images take hours to prepare – not only the concept,styling and shooting, but the literally hours and hours which go into the post production. Test printing and re-editing. All worth it in the end though. 3 Silver awards and one 78 – which is considered professional practice.


Don’t forget to see what AAMIE has been up to:


So here are my 4 Newborn entries with a little behind the scenes as well:

Preparing a backdrop for one of my images


Settling bub into position


The Finished Image



A few favourites from the WeddingWD1A6380-copy


I love detailsWD1A6490-copyWD1A6707-copyWD1A6918-copy


View from the plane as we left JohannesburgWD1A7428-copy


Arriving in Cape Town excuse the noise I was cranked up to ISO 10,000WD1A7436-copy


The beautiful Riebeek Valley on my way into town.WD1A7439-copy


Our beloved cat Chablis who we left with friends and was so happy to see us.WD1A7484-copyWD1A7489-copy


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